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Ace Password Sniffer captures passwords entered in a network
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Ace Password Sniffer is a program that captures passwords entered in a network. This program can grab any password entered in a PC using the HTTP, FTP, SMPT, POP3 or Telnet protocols. This program becomes useful when you forgot your passwords, but your web browser remembers them. You can´t see anything but asterisks when you´re logging in, but the password is still functioning. Ace Password Sniffer will inform you which is the password that the browser entered. If installed in the gateway or proxy server in a network connected through a switch, this program can catch passwords entered in any terminal. This way, you can use it to steal passwords, monitor your children´s traffic or password abuse for server administrators. This program uses WinPCap, a packet network capturing driver developed by CACE technologies. If you don´t have WinPCap installed in your system, the Ace Password Sniffer installer will install the latest version of this driver. This program produces a list with the following info about each password entry: time, client IP, server IP, protocol used, user name, password, OK (if the login was succesful) and Info. You can export the report to a text file, in order to save a record of the activities. The unregistered version of this program will show you the found passwords partially.

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  • It´s useful for many websites


  • It doesn´t work on Hotmail or Windows Live Messenger
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